On travelling and many things that tag along

On travelling and many things that tag along

On travelling and many things that tag along has been edited by Aashna Kanuga.

Nowadays, I see many people writing about the experience of travelling and their love for the same. It tends to grow my love for it and always makes me wonder, how truly amazing it is to travel. I think about how it feels to explore different cultures and feel the fresh air of various lands. It always intrigued me to travel to different lands of India, as I feel that India is the country, which has such vivid diversities of its own.

We all have our reasons for travelling. Some of us might travel just to take a break and feel the change from our daily routine. Many of us travel because of the bug that makes you wish to explore different places.While some get away for some soul searching. And of course, a few of us just travel out for pure leisure. That is the beauty of travelling, it means different things and is still something that can bring people closer.

However, what fascinates me the most is the bug, the curiosity that makes you travel. I never knew that bug had been in me, until I travelled myself. All I could observe is the different ways of doing similar things. The uniqueness culture brings.

Travelling exposed me to so many things. I saw how people speak the same language with different accents. Like, the way we Gujaratis people speak Hindi is always different from the way people in Uttar Pradesh do. We always have some sort of our regional touch in our national language. The breakfast for us might be the dinner for the other. Here, what travelling does to you is, it broadens your mindset. It makes you realize the perspective of the people of the specific culture.

While exploring, one can witness the different ways of living life. Basic differences of the way the urban and rural people live.

On one such enlightening trip, I got the chance to meet a farmer in south Gujarat, a little rich one though. Irrespective of the money he had, he was so grounded. His humility and the taste of the food I ate there still linger on. I had a similar feeling when I was in Mumbai. I happened to meet a  rickshaw driver who hailed from Nagaland. Talking to him made me realize that there was so much more to travelling that seeing new places, it meant looking at world from a fresh perspective. He shared his struggle with me, that man and I could see how he was at home yet a little homesick.

We can see the struggles of the people while travelling and may be, at times, help someone by making them feel good about themselves. This is where the beauty of explore lies in.

The other side of it is the life we live and the journey we want to undertake by following our conventional terms of travel. One always has the dream of travelling to Leh on a motorcycle or to chill in Goa with friends. Like any other person, I too share those dreams.

Travelling tends to push you right out of the long lived in comfort zone. You might end up trekking, or taking a bicycle tour of the small city, trying absolutely alien dishes. The air seems different, the trip might be about enjoying every luxury you cannot because of the rat race. It might be about simply being.

If we are talking about travelling escapades to come, how can one miss out on the Himalayan ranges. All of know it is the land of adventures and adventure lovers. When it comes to night life, we always wish to go to Delhi, Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore. Anytime Hyderabad is brought up, we remember talk about the delicious Hyderabadi biryani, for Lucknow it has to be seekh kebab. Kolkata is always for its Durgo Pujo, so as Haridwar for its maha aarti.

There is a lot to say, but all I can conclude is travelling makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives us a feeling of who we are and where we belong. There are so many things we learn, be it languages, a little about culture, different human behaviors or even about ourselves. More so, we learn to appreciate those little comforting things when staying away from your home.

Travelling and exploring gives you feeling of satisfaction, satisfaction that one can never feel by any other means.

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