On being a highly sensitive person

On being a highly sensitive person

Being highly sensitive is synonymous to being weak, right? After all, that’s what the society has taught us. Right from my childhood, I’ve always been told to be strong in life, face things with confidence, and to not always cry. But what if I couldn’t cope with society’s pressure of being “strong” ? What if, no matter how much I tried, I just cared too much?

Being sensitive allows us to look at everything with a different perspective, to find the good in everything, to be more empathetic. So why is it such a disgrace to feel everything so deeply? Why is it so hard for the society to accept this?

Yes, I am a “highly sensitive person”. To me, everything matters on the big scale. I cannot just “let it go”. I cry too much, I feel too much. But am I ashamed of it? Definitely not. I think this is what makes us human: Our emotions. But that sure as hell doesn’t make it easy. I feel it all: the good and the hate. In a world where everything can be so harsh and ruthless, being sensitive can be exhausting. But that is what makes us special.

I won’t apologise for being too sensitive, because it is better to feel so much than to not feel anything at all. What is is about the new “I don’t give a damn” attitude?

You know what, I do care. I feel about everything, for everyone. I feel for the student who is crying because she got a bad grade. I feel for the boy who got rejected. I feel for the character who died in a movie. I feel for the dog who is sitting all alone by the corner of the street. And I will definitely not hide it. I will always be the one who feels too much. This is what makes me strong. Being a highly sensitive person is a beautiful thing, but even more beautiful is to embrace it. To screw society’s idea of being strong.