Ode to the Ceiling Fan in My Childhood Home

Ode to the Ceiling Fan in My Childhood Home

Babies do strange things,
I was once one too,
And I’d spend my days, I’m told,
Apparently talking to you.

I’ll be very honest,
I don’t remember a thing,
I don’t remember what I said,
And I don’t remember you.

Were you brown with gold embellish?
Or a classy, elegant white?
Did you clatter when you moved?
Or spin noiselessly all night?

Did we talk of fun and games?
Did we laugh and joke?
Or were we a relatively serious pair?
Did we often get bored?

I’m told we’d talk animatedly,
And laugh through days and nights,
Now, I’ve got so many ‘friends’,
Sometimes I can’t sleep right.

Now, like many others, I’m out,
To find my ‘true’ friends,
So, on this fifth day of August,
I hope to find you well!

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Ranjini Sircar

Ranjini Sircar - Everything Sharmaji ka beta ever wanted to be. Hopefully, in a few years I’ll be successful enough for people to say ‘She must have slept her way into that position’.