Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Game of Thrones – House Lannister

Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Game of Thrones – House Lannister

Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Game of Thrones – House Lannister has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.”

– Tywin Lannister

And that is precisely the Lannister’s way of life. However, can anyone blame them? After all, for years House Lannister has kept power in their hands amongst the entire Seven Kingdoms. Casterly Rock may have been the Lannister’s home but deep inside King’s Landing is where they truly belong.

Speaking of lions, Tywin Lannister, the Hand of the King to Aerys II Targaryen, was an expert war commander and a brilliant strategist. Calmly evil, ever since the First Men, he had maintained his power by using the Lannister’s wealth as their shield. Tywin loved his family, well most of it anyway if we disregard the hatred for his imp son, Tyrion Lannister who apparently took Tywin’s wife from him. And the undying affection for his fraternal twins, Jamie and Cersei Lannister who have a rather incestuous relationship.

His ruthless destruction of House Reyne was immortalised in the song The Rains of Castamere. Unknown to most, Tywin was also the true mastermind behind the Red Wedding. An expert manipulator, he gave darker meaning to the common phrase, “A Lannister always pays his debts”. Although for someone who shits gold, it sucked on Tywin’s part to die at the hands of his own son. While shitting, right after he had fucked his whore. Bad luck, man! Or should I say, shitty luck?

Manipulation runs in the Lannister blood and no one other than Cersei Lannister can account for that. The root of the problem, Cersei loves her children more than anything in this world, and that drives her to go to great lengths to save them. Well, Cersei also loves a man, who turns out to be her brother, another root of another problem. Although the nature of their relationship is highly unethical, they gave their very soul to each other and, hence the three children. (Now is the time to laugh.) Cersei has lost her children, but she has not lost the true Lannister way, that is, ruling above anything and everything else. Above, above reminds me Cersei’s smile from the window, looking at the wildfire explosion that killed everyone inside the Sept in the season finale.

Power is Power”, says the Queen, the Mad Queen who rules the King’s Landing now.

The lesser evil among the three siblings, Jamie Lannister, is the dream man of every other woman in the realm. He is called the Kingslayer for a reason, although what initially meant to be an insult became a badge of honour for ending the terror of the Mad King. Captivity and the loss of his arm brought changes upon him and the face of House Lannister extensively. He has become a better person over the years and now can be called a nobleman. Maybe the white knight to the Mad Queen. Jamie shares the same family values, he is a bridge between his younger brother and rest of his family. He can do anything for them, especially Cersei, “Fuck everyone who isn’t us. We’re the only ones who matter.”

Relive the unforgettable moment from the very first episode, a clear display of the things he does for love.

Perhaps House Lannister’s most important character, Tyrion Lannister, the Imp, is portrayed as a person fighting to find a place among the men of the realm. Although physically cursed, Tyrion has the mind of a fox. He is literally and figuratively the God of Tits and Wine. An expert strategist just like his father, Tyrion dared to burn the entire army of Stannis Baratheon. He tends to lead his life as a credit to the Lannister name. Being a reader, explorer, politician, and advisor is an icing on the cake. Currently, Tyrion has set sail for Westeros with Daenerys new army to invade the Seven Kingdoms of which his sister is a Queen, so much for family values. Cersei, however, brought this upon House Lannister the moment she falsely accused him of killing Joffrey.

Watch below how Tyrion’s trial provoked one of the greatest and most beloved speeches in the history of television.

And as Renly Baratheon says, “You have to give it to the Lannisters – they may be the most pompous, ponderous cunts the gods ever suffered to walk the world, but they do have outrageous amounts of money.”

House Lannister is certainly a work of art and a pain in the ass. You cannot, however, deny their determination and will to bend the rules in order to get what they want. And I surely cannot wait to see them send their regards.

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