They say, “money can’t buy you everything”,
When I see the slums,
I do really wonder..
Is this the true independence?

The full-fledged cold wars,
The world beyond bars !
Whether it be cold, hot or rain,
They let their clothes stain !

Yeah, each penny counts..
They work for food of 24 hrs..
Here, we though blessed,
leave it in the dish..
How are they going to finish ?

The multi apartments, bungalows & farmhouses stand..
They stand in their slums holding hands..
The one pieces, necklaces, cold-bars &clubs,
Do, they even stand for party-hubs?

Knowledge builds character,
Character-the nation..
Do they even get chance to input their brains without donation?

If not we, then whom?
Let’s help them,
Cause, blessed we are for a cause..