Narendra Modi, The Leader India Deserves

Narendra Modi, The Leader India Deserves

16th May 2014. 3 years ago.

The results of one of the Largest Democratic elections in the world were declared. BJP-led NDA had got a clear Mandate, and Narendra Modi was going to be the 14th Prime Minister of Incredible India.

As the early morning trends, converted into concrete results by evening (I was still in amazement as to how the election commission had pulled off an event of such scale and magnitude where nearly 56 Crore people voted, after all, it was the 1st time I had voted in a National Election), the venue for the success speech of NaMo was decided and to my super luck it was 200 metres from my residence in Ahmedabad.

A sea of saffron engulfed the roads; the BRTS was diverted by the public, that part of our city came to a standstill, everywhere there was only Modi Modi Modi! We took our place at around 6 PM (he was expected around 8), sweets were being distributed all around, and there was the real electoral, out in its full glory to welcome the next Prime Minister of the 1.2 Billion Indians! ( I was reminded of the dialogue from the movie Nayak between Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal (As karma would have it, Paresh Rawal was also elected as 1 of the 2 MPs from Ahmedabad) – “Yein sab bheed apne aap aayi hein, inhein daru pilakar, paise dekar, truck mein bharkar nahi laya gaya hein”

The housewife to the hardworking rickshaw puller to that thelewala to that Mercedes wala, almost everyone was there ( I think more than a Lakh People were present)

His cavalry arrived a little around 8 PM from the other side of the bridge to the largest roar I have ever heard.. there were chants of Modi Modi, everyone including me was screaming their lungs out

I was not born when India got Independence, I was not present at the Delhi Jantar Mantar Anna Revolution, and I have only read about the Egypt Cairo Square moments, but right then and right there I was witnessing history, and being part of a story and a moment I could proudly share with my Grand Children…

There he was- Narendra Modi on the stage, a few rows away from us. He took a moment (Around 5 minutes) to acknowledge the Thunderous Modi Modi Chanting.

He bowed down to all of us and humbly thanked the Janta of India for the Unanimous verdict. I had read about his work ethics and hardworking nature and was euphoric to see that all that was true because he spoke about how the work had just begun and he firmly had his eyes set on the daunting task that lied ahead.

There were no negative statements, and all he said was about the changes he wanted to bring and the huge potential that India had.  He asked our “forgiveness” that he would have to leave Gujarat and move to Delhi for “National Duty.” He told about how we all had our responsibilities in making our India truly actually Incredible and how the smallest task of not Driving on the Wrong Side was also a step forward towards it. Of course, there was his trademark humour too. There was the leader whom India had chosen, and those were the moments in which NaMo made a mark forever in my mind and heart.

The three years under Modi has been a case of many Hits and few misses. The ease of doing business, the share markets at an all time high, Surgical Strike, UP Vidhansabha elections, Foreign Tours for Trade and Soft power politics, Startup mission, NITI Aayog (up to some extent), Foreign Investments, Tourism, Cooperative Federalism, Mann ki Baat, More powers to state, Law and Order, Railways, ISRO, Selling of particular stake in PSUs, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (to certain extent), Decrease in Red Tapism, Lateral Entry into Government and most Importantly the overall Moral of the Citizens of Country and the fact that most Indians now believe that “Iss Desh Ka kuch Ho sakta hein” are among the Certain Hits!

Kashmir Issue, Pakistan Infiltration, Women Safety(To some extent), Malnutrition, Quality Education, Jan Lokpal, Air-India, Judicial Reforms, Decrease in Corruption, Brain Drain, Push to MSMEs are among few of the misses where a lot more is still desired to be done!

I firmly believe that something very big regarding the Pakistan Infiltration and Kashmir Issue is in the Pipeline and soon the Lion(Read NaMo) will roar again!

The world history says that it’s very rare in that a “Good” Leader comes around (Good here is related to the Rule of “Dharma” because even Hitler was a Leader, and so was Aurangzeb) I feel lucky to be part of that time frame in the current century and get to witness the Political and Socio-Economical Landscape of India change in the best years of my life.

I do critic the Government at times but what NaMo has changed is the Mindset. I believe in his dream of New India, and I feel that I have a role to play in it and that all citizens should fulfil their role in it. Yes, I will point the problem, but I will also point the solution (as per my understanding) because I know that the current Government is listening!

Do I think as highly of Modiji as may be Sardar Patel or Mahatma Gandhi?

No. I will place him just a notch higher.

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Viral Shah

Viral Shah, Civil Engineer, owner of a Publishing House and Social Entrepreneur. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and loves to write about his experiences and events- Experiential writer. Also a Big Test Cricket Fan and a Foodie. P.S- Loves his city and country and always up for a Political Tete-tete