Privy Poet’ Society: Naina

Privy Poet’ Society: Naina

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Yesterday, I asked my grandfather, “Do you think we can really read a person’s mind or understand what they are feeling by looking at their eyes? Do you think that eyes are really as special and expressive as we say they are? Because honestly speaking, I can never understand anything by looking at anyone’s eyes. They just look like two passive circles to me. To me, the turn of lips can say a lot more than eyes, which by the way I have barely any voluntary muscular control over. I think I’d like to believe the romantic idea that eyes can speak but actually, it all seems like an overhyped farce to me.”

He replied very simply, saying that yes of course, eyes can express a lot. But it’s not really the eyes themselves. To put it simply, sometimes we may look at a face and think that their eyes are beautiful because they are perfectly placed on the face and they are a great match for the face. That’s what we call beautiful or thrilling. Sometimes we may see someone and be repulsed because we feel their eyes are a mismatch with their face. So, it’s not they eyes themselves but how they fit with the face. The same eyes on another face may look horrendous.

That’s how we assess although we discount for these things when we write poetry. So, I’ve explained this concept in poetry for once and for all. Just for a fresh perspective on eyes. Naina in hindi means eyes. It’s a beautiful word with many songs written on it.


Eyes; Naina,

The entry to the soul,

The deliverer of messages,

We’ve spent hundreds of years,

Dedicating ink and pages,

To the beauty and splendour of eyes,

Of lovers, friends and enemies,

Through thousands of pages,

Of verse, prose and poetry.


I hear they twinkle like the stars,

And shine like the moon,

Maybe I like yours,

Maybe mine make you swoon.

Maybe yours really are,

Dark as the sky,

That light up like the moon,

Whenever I pass by.


Maybe all those poets,

Really saw beauty in their lovers’ eyes,

Saw them sing and dance,

Do the back flip and waltz.


Either that,

Or maybe they just fell in love,

With the beautiful match,

Between the eyes and the face,

But thanked only the eyes.

Maybe I like yours,

Because they are perfectly placed,

Inside the frame,

Of your dimples, hair and smile,

And maybe it’s that my round eyes,

Just don’t match this square face of mine.

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