My Untarnished Spirit : Moments Where it Belongs

My Untarnished Spirit : Moments Where it Belongs

They say you should fear women who can run in heels. There I was, running with all my might and joy, that was all about me then. Every bit of me brimmed with exhilaration, hair that flitted across wildly, the fresh air pecking my flushed cheeks.

Untarnished, my spirit sang to the moment where I belonged and to each moment I was yet to belong. I jumped into the car and I could smell the tanned leather of it, such bliss.. all this while intending to get away, I finally endorsed myself and that perhaps is the purpose of every mortal that steps in. Or maybe not, it is a universally personal thing.

I am about to reach my realm of serenity, a once forlorn land now piping with music. The tendrils of the grapevines coil exquisitely around the moss coated trunks.  A pair of rusty old gates stand weakly closed before me. My toes gently trace circles on the wet grass. There is something alive behind the rusty gates, apart from me. Maybe it’s the lovely gush of the wind that is teasingly blowing away my tangled locks or the leaves that rustle a melody so sweet, so unknown to mankind. Or possibly the scent of the earth that is clinging to everything, and intoxicating my mind with each breath I take. It slowly undoes the great lump of a knot in my chest that had been forming since quite some time. 

There is something elemental about each one of us- for me, my thoughts. It’s such a tragedy to lose them in their own surge, but they do come back. In those rare moments of meaningful isolation, they find their way back.

My Untarnished Spirit : Moments Where it Belongs has been edited by Nidhi Shah.

Prishanti Pathak

Prishanti Pathak - An Oxonian in making, with immense love for classic and feminist literature, and a true potter head.