My Reply To The Myth Of Your Love

My Reply To The Myth Of Your Love

You know what, I acknowledge this that I’ve made a mistake.
Today, I want to write an open letter to you saying that I am imperfect.
Yes, I accept your tags that you’ve given to me in public. The problem is that I’ve been hiding the anger inside for so long. So, I couldn’t explain that to you that I don’t have to mean to live.
I don’t know where am I going.
I am very confused about my future and proud of myself.
I date multiple guys and I find it okay, in fact, more than good.
I still don’t give up on people and I won’t stop exploring new people just because you don’t talk to me now.
I can’t stop searching for those souls, that ponder every single thing which might be illogical for you or everyone else.
I am still in search of those people who get crazy talking about travel plans and the different dishes they tried.
I still consider myself as a Bravo, as I’ve never let you down despite thinking what you’ve done to me.
I still find comfort in crying alone under pillows at midnight and that gives me more space than anyone in the world can think of.
Yes, it hurts when someone leaves you, whom you love.
But, from the next time, if you leave, then don’t think that it was love that I shared with you, these English people call it an ‘Attachment’. Because the one whom I will love, won’t really think of leaving me.
Yes, you’re right. I don’t love you and no more interested talking to you.
Remember, don’t you dare try to convince me or ask for forgiveness. Maybe I won’t reply you, as I move on very fastly, so does your mind.
Yes, I accept that people call me an emotional living being. According to me, I am highly susceptible to feel so much and I am very much proud of myself.
People like you, come and go. You, people, have taught me more about life and day-by-day I am becoming better in learning the concept of ‘Relation and Truth of life’.

Yes, I accept that my words are not worthy of the kiss, that you gave me in the theatre when we were sitting in the corner seats, exchanging our privacies.

Yes, I know that none of these matters to you as you have money and you’ve been doing several deals of your feelings and emotions every single week!

Yes, I believe that I am no more a point of interest to you because maybe you need solitude and you didn’t tell me about.

Yes, I don’t have any hopes from you, neither mentally nor physically. Because I am no more the puppet you had thought of and you’re no more my that “Motu”, which I used to call you every time, in fact, every single hour, thinking of what you would have been doing? I hate you from the upper bound of my insomnia.

Okay? Are we done now?

You may proceed for the next baby wolf you’re in search of.

I am wondering how amazing it would have been for you to explore new rabbits, make love to them and then leave!

Alas! I don’t know why, but I care about what people think about me. I am in a state where people influence a lot of my thoughts and actions. The day I’ll stop giving a thought about what others think about me, you can call me a peaceful person, who can help you with your future.
But, right now I am that crazy, emotional, sensitive, loving, caring, adorable animal, who is full of sadness and negativity. So, kudos to your deeds!

May your soul rest in peace!

Yours faithfully,