My new roomate Happiness

My new roomate Happiness



The advertisement read,


It slowly swept in,

hid under my bed.

You befriended me with loneliness,

I was indeed drowning and felt helpless.

BUT then seasons changed,

the sun shone like copper,

leaves turned lush green,

Mind made up its mind,

To start the rescue operation,

To save the last laughter in my body,

And rest my demons in peace.

At once I went up to the mirror,

Gazed at my own self,

and asked a few questions,

Scratched every fears and insecurities,

Tattooed every realism under my skin,

The pain was more than flesh and blood can stand,

Acting all selfish I made sure I was true to myself,

I won’t tell what questions I asked,

But with every question, I saw a new myself in me,

Now I do this workout very often,

Now fears and insecurities don’t leave behind scars,

The area under my skin has a red carpet drawn for realism,

The pain never felt so intriguing.

And guess what I ain’t drowning,

And the space under my bed is empty.

I have a new roommate named HAPPINESS,

I was so overwhelmed when she gifted me smiles and hopes,

That I ended up making her perpetual roommate!

After that, I put up a New advertisement that read,

Vacancies FULL, try next time!