According to me the First letter or Message of we Can write is about Our Weakness.We the Humans the Best Creature in the World but Somewhere in some Spaces “Humanity” merely Found. What are We not seeing or Feeling it….??

 Most of you Might have Seen this Image in Real

(Its only one Example there are Many more things to Focus on…)

The Reason is Simple we had Stopped Acting. We are running Away from Self. We considering me have the Ability to Change but Somewhere we are Neglecting our Prime Responsibility for what we are in his Mysterious World.

Are We able to Change Society….? ; According to me We, You, all needs a Big Change that comes with Humanity. Our Society Need to be More “Humanitarian” other than Being Hindu or Muslim.

An Awesome Poem Written By Dushyant Kumar tells Many Things to Young India :-

Ho Gayi hai Peer Parvay Si, Pighal Ni Chaiye,

Is Himalay Se Koi Ganga Nikal Ni Chaiye,

Aaj Ye Deevar Pardon Ki Tarah Hilney Lagi Hai,

Shart Lekin thi Itni, Ki Ye Buniyaad Hilni Chaiye,

Har Gali Me, Har Sahar Me, Har Nagar Har Gaon me,

Haath Lehrate Huve, Har Laash Chalni Chaiye,

Sirf Hangama Khada Krna Mera Maksaat Nahi,

Saari Kosish Hai Ki, Ye Soorat Badalni Chaiye,

Mere Sine Me Nahi to Tere sine me sahi lekin ye aag,

Ye Aag Jalni Chaiye….


Nothing more can be Said about this Poetry as it is Clear-cut. It’s We all Working all Day busy in Our Own Life and Wealth But in One of Letterts  by Sir.Ravindranath Tagore said Beautifully about Nature. Birds and other Animals Around us wakes up each Morning Not for only Food and Good Health. They Nourishes Enviroment makes Atmosphere Live. Even they Struggle for Food But Still……Livelihood is Missing in Humans ….

Every Common Person Can Change Society But “Jarurat Hai to Ek Shurat Ki…..”

Lutalica can Do it Because the meaning of it it-self is “The part of Identity that Doesn’t Fit into Catagories.”

-Divyang parmar