Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Mood Swings has been edited by Aashna Kanuga.

Mood swings, the combination of these two words can meander havoc. It controls our behavior, smiles, tears and even our aspirations. Knowingly or unknowingly, we swing from one state of mind to another. From happy to sad, from angry to dejected. I have often wondered if every action is under the influence of our mood swings? Does it over power logic?

And every single time, the answer is ‘yes’, because there are moments when our emotions get the better of us. We lose control, are clueless how and why do we feel what we feel. In that very moment, our mood might be to shut everyone out or yell at the top our voice. We give in, we do not think and impulsively give in. Maybe, we remain locked up in a room surrounded by silence. Probably we might end up shouting, crying, or end up hurting ourselves. However, the question here is, are our mood swings responsible for the mistakes we commit?

Our mood swings affects our relationships, work and sometimes can wreck our lives. If I talk specifically about relationships, at times an erratic step, venomous words can end even the most beautiful bonds. Losing someone we love can make us stoic, almost numb. As we go numb, we tend to shut down all the doors of our mind and logic is unable to knock senses; we fail to see the light on the other side of the tunnel. As a result, all our emotions accumulate at one place, forcing us to overthink. In that moment fail to realize, that our mind has been enslaved by our mood.

Our mind fails to realize, that the ringing voices are of those who care, who are concerned. We tend to run away from it; we are running away from getting the solution of our problems. This is the mistake, which our mood swings makes us commit, over and over again. However, I think I was lucky enough to have realized that.

I think, at some stage because it is the light, which guides you through the darkness. But, when we ignore the light to as the darkness seems cozy, life will change radically. We need to push ourselves, before it gets too late.

Naturally, our work is bound to suffer due to the fickleness of our mood. Gradually, from harmless mood swings we are knee deep in frustration. Before we know it, frustrations starts to settle in, the feeling of restlessness does not snub away. As benign as it may sound, it can be fatal, suicidal; it might as well tamper with sanity. Therefore, as random as it may seem, try falling in love with your work, it’ll help.

Mood swings have become an indispensable part of our lives these days. Whether we accept it not, we always think and act according to our mood. It is of no harm unless you do not harm others due to it. Of course, we always act according to the way we feel and it is okay to do that until and unless you do not let overturn your life in ways that cannot be reversed.

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