Guest’s Entry: Metacognition

Guest’s Entry: Metacognition


by Sagar Patel

Thinking about something, we build a thing,
The first thought is simple,
The thing built is beautiful,
Thinking over it raises a doubt,
Thinking over that doubt arises a need to change,
Applying that change builds a bit different thing,
Thinking and comparing the two things leads us to a point,
A point where neither of the two seems completely right,
Thinking over that makes a call again for a new change,
Applying the changes builds the third version of that thing,
Thinking about it make realise
That this is no less than a spaghetti,
Now thinking about the spaghetti built
We cut something loose from the entire thing,
Thinking over the left over raises a question of its integrity,
Again further modifying it makes it a different one,

In most cases, the thing obtained here
Will be the first original thing with simple micro changes,

Simple people gave a straight touch to the first thought,
They analysed once
And they passed through it happily,
Extra intelligent, arrogant people thought in a complex manner,
Jumbled it and came to the same page
Where the simple person was standing.

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