Medical Marijuana: Friend or a foe?

Medical Marijuana: Friend or a foe?

The scope of medical marijuana remains limited, yet the advancements sustain its remarkability. Medical marijuana makes up that part of the marijuana plant which is used to cure health issues. The basic distinction between the regular marijuana and the medical one, is purpose behind the use. Instead of the motive of getting high, medical marijuana is used to obtain relief from various symptoms of the diseases. But is it legal to use them?

It is now legal to use medical marijuana in half of the United States Of America, since a standard medicine contains almost the same ingredients; the ingredients that releases such chemicals in the human brain, to trigger in them a sense of euphoria. But how does it work? Well, you can either smoke, or eat marijuana. The effects of the latter are quite slow on acting up, but once they do, they leave the recipient in a state of high. When you smoke pot, the ingredients of marijuana passes through your lungs into your bloodstream which causes your brain cells to release dopamine. This chemical reaction simply leaves a consumer in a high.

And why do people use it? The very defined purpose of medical marijuana’s usage is that to help ease pain, nausea and a loss of appetite among the victims of cancer. A physician, Dr. David Casarett, has talked in length about the effects of medical marijuana among his patients. Being sceptical himself, he couldn’t answer to his patients regarding the true benefit of using such a drug. After reading a series of articles based on the effects of medical marijuana on those with chronic sickness, he set on a journey to California to admit himself into a medical marijuana dispensary.

Evidently, such clinics are legal for patients to admit themselves into and take support of cannabis to deal with their sickness. On experiencing the services provided by such a dispensary, he was perplexed by the environment he was subjected to. The way theses clinics cater to the needs of their patients and consider their preferences amazes him. What he likes the most is the way of these clinics address their patients and provide them with every necessary information regarding various options of products at their disposal.

According to Dr. David Carasett, the official usage of medical marijuana has three aspects. One, being the benefits of its usage. The consumers of medical marijuana state that the basic purpose of using such products is to establish in themselves a sense of control that they need over their lives, let alone the benefits mentioned before. The second aspect comprises that of risks associated with its usage. The side effects of medical marijuana lasts about 1-3 hours where one can suffer mood swings. The changes of STML (short term memory loss) along with hallucinations are also present. But, these are just short term effects.

Consuming marijuana on a daily basis can harm one’s lungs to a huge extent and might also lead to mental illness. And the final aspect consists of preferences. Nowadays, the span of users of medical marijuana is increasing on a vast scale. People are shifting their involvement from mainstream medical clinics to the dispensaries of such kind. But why do people prefer cannabis over prescribed drugs?

When asked, the patients of medical marijuana have agreed upon a few benefits that they avail by smoking pot. Not only does it help them with their pain and nausea, it gives them a sense of control over their lives. Being victims of chronic health problems, they feel it scary to not have control over their lives. By using such products, they obtain a sense of freedom which prescription medicines fail to provide.

There have been a lot of advancements made in the area of application of medical cannabis related to health problems. But, the experts still have a long way to go. Despite the hyped advantages of medical marijuana, its benefits cannot be denied. Even so, the risks associated to its usage are present, though not at a scale denoted by its opponents. There is a call for more research in this arena for the doctors to pinpoint the benefits and risks. To add to that, they need to come up with an altered and flexible perspective. There is a need for the mainstream clinics to come up with a collaborative prescription that coincides with the needs and wants of their patients. So, as a rational patron, would you prefer marijuana as a drug to your health problems, if any?

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