Love, with all its Glory and Quirks

Love, with all its Glory and Quirks

Love, with all its Glory and Quirks has been edited by Akash Kanodia.

Do you think love is the most spoken about feeling?

Since childhood, we have heard and said so much about love. Our heavy dosage of romance novels has painted the most exquisite pictures of love. Yes, love is not just romantic in nature. However, those regions of love are not as dissected as the romantic kind.

Today, I shall tell you something that you might or might not know. This is an article full of realisations that settled in after envisaging love for years.

I always thought the person I would fall in love with would be perfectly in sync with me—be it interests, a set of sitcoms or books. Our hands would fit right in; our kisses would be the kind we see in movies. We would fight the right amount, and make up the sappy way. My love would always be there for me, be it two in the afternoon or night.

Though, whenever I thought love did stop by—quite a few times, I daresay—it felt and smelled a little different. It did not believe in God or was too religious. The idea of feminism seemed distasteful or they were eye to eye with me on the subject. At times, it liked pizza filled with tomatoes—holding back my disgust—while at times, it ate no veggies. I was so confused each and every time; patiently waiting for the perfect type to stop by. Erm, nine down, the idea still kind of seemed infallible.

The tenth seemed right but looked all wrong. It did not have the perfectly groomed beard or the supple skin and wheatish complexion. He had no clue how to click perfect selfies, nor did he ever proclaim his love. Weirdly, though, the jitters in my stomach indicated this felt right. His no love for romance novels and shared love for food never posed a problem. Not every moment was intense but the ones that were, they were unforgettable.

My love did not step out of a Mills and Boon or Nicholas Sparks novel. He had some adorable and some intolerable flaws. Our hands felt a little sweaty if we held onto each other too long. Our kisses weren’t really a scene of a well-scripted erotica. The way we planned out dates was not exactly perfect. But somehow, each and everything made sense.

That is when it dawned on me that I had been wrong the entire time.

See, the funny thing about love is, it is never what and how you imagined it to be. It can be exactly like you foresee or the complete opposite of what you ever wanted. As a matter of fact, it can have a different taste in music, but the same in food. It can rile you up beyond understanding but calm you in phases of sheer insanity.  Perhaps, it can be two inches shorter than you envisioned and three kilos more than you anticipated. It can have a bob instead of the long hair you always dreamed about. There is a chance you are not swimming in the ebony eyes you pictured but the bluish green, which you never imagined. It can have loud tattoos or can have a nose piercing you never envisioned.

Love might forget your birthday, might live in a different city or time zone. It might not text you all the time, there might be days you do not talk to each other for more than fifteen minutes. But those fifteen minutes would matter more than that half-hearted hour long conversation with a hundred others. Love will not write love poems for you, but love will make you an android app. Patience would not be love’s best trait but it will fight hard to hold on every single time. Love will make you cry, it will hurt you in ways no one else can. But it will forgive when you are wrong.

Love will not be a one direction song, but a medley of mixed tapes. Love might have an office and not see you for days. It might be sitting in New York writing class notes, while you drink and gossip with one of the girls.

Love will not always make sense; it will frustrate you, and demand emotional investment beyond understanding.

It can be in a form that expresses a little too much, while says nothing at all.  Regardless of the number of emoticons, it might not have many expressions except the goofy one when seen in person.

The type, size and kind of love you had before does not matter now. Because every time you fall in love it will be different, for better or for worse. You are going to be granted experiences you never experienced before, and teach you things you seldom fathomed.

And as far as the amount of trouble that comes along with this new love is concerned. Yes, it is going to be troublesome. But so is the added responsibility when you get an increment at your job, or when you get a new haircut or when you get a dog. You can never know how it will make you feel until you give it a chance, that it very well deserves.

Oh, and yes, this love, the right kind, it will not complete you; it will make you realise you were complete since the very beginning.

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