Love: Broken, Trampled, Ordered, Dominated

Love: Broken, Trampled, Ordered, Dominated

Love: Broken, Trampled, Ordered, Dominated has been edited by Abha Mehra.

Have you ever wondered what is love? How does it feel to love someone?

In my opinion, love is an abstract feeling which can change the ideals of a person. It makes you look at the world with a very different perspective. It can either make you or destroy you.

I believed, that even though love is raw, wild and unpredictable, it is absolutely beautiful. However, after feeling it and suffering from this intensely, one thing I can say—with surety—is that this one emotion is enough to destroy you. The good thing? It will destroy you very gently. Here, being gentle is synonymous with satisfaction.

This might make you ask, ‘how can one use the words destroy and gentle to describe the same feeling? Is love a bad or an evil feeling?’

I think Ayn Rand’s quote from her book ‘The Fountain Head’ would answer these questions and put them to rest”.

“If you were in love, you’d want to be broken, trampled, ordered, dominated because that is impossible, the inconceivable for you in your relation with people.”

It can be said, that this quote expresses everything that I have ben trying to explain.

Perhaps, the best gift you can ever give to a person you love is to suffer the same way they do. As a matter of fact, it will never be easy.

Are you wondering, what kind of love is this? Why would one like to be dominated or ordered around? Because as far we have heard, love is more about compatibility than it is about dominating. More like, it is all about compromising than it is about ordering.

When we are in love, we tend to know a lot of things about our partner. Probably that is why we might feel the pain or suffering they are undergoing. Love makes that suffering mutual. We might not be able to empathise or sympathise in general. Yet, in love, we make sure we put ourselves through similar pain in some way or another. Here, we make the choice to suffer by breaking our soul in order to love more.

But, there comes a point where the loved one might disapprove of our suffering. And that is where the phase of dominating or ordering comes into the picture. At times, their movements speak louder than words. Their expressions and emotions display denial towards our suffering.

“When I love you, I should have all the right to suffer with you, should I not?” When we feel this need, we are ready to undergo any kind of domination, ordinance or suffering, the other person is enduring. It is we, who make the choice to do so because we are in love.

This kind of love is no less than a trade. A trade where sufferings are mutual and one person never bore the burden for both.

Does this sound absurd? I am sure it does. Nevertheless, this absurdity can either make you ideal or evil.

We say and have heard. that love is about mutual happiness. However, I think love is all about mutual sufferings. You either destroy yourselves when the world wants you to live, or to live together when the world wants you to destroy. This is how I define ideal love.

This kind of love takes you to the world where selflessness prevails in its true sense. In this world, reason can be fought with a reason. It is a slow, quasi–static death, where one minute seems to last for a year. Yet the time you spend together is still very beautiful.

I believe, if you stick with love, no matter how much it destroys you, you will have found the world where you have omitted the principle of the word.

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