Life Through A Pair Of Rose-Tinted Glasses

Life Through A Pair Of Rose-Tinted Glasses

Life Through A Pair Of Rose-Tinted Glasses has been edited by Ruhaan Shah.

Love is like poison, bittersweet.

It is like the scorching heat that seems to cool my soul. Like the rose beautifully embedded with thorns. And the ocean that is never ending, just beautiful. As a matter of fact, it is as though one is looking at life through rose-tinted glasses when it first happens. Everything seems magical, and sometimes, too good to be true.

Love is acceptance. Accepting that one might have a life beyond understanding, that two individuals need space to grow, yet, it is important to grow together. Accepting that nobody is perfect and loving them despite their apparent flaws. Love is boundaries. Not rules, because rules are often broken, but boundaries which are built on respect and compassion, and crossing them has consequences. Love is trust. Trust is fragile, and we, as humans, tend to make mistakes. Love does not weigh the pros and cons; love just loves with all its got.

Little things like the unanswered blue ticks or uncountable missed calls bother us. We often look beyond this stuff because our love is far too valuable to lose. No, love is not blind, it is just excessively emotional.

Time and again, people do not seem to understand that love can be platonic and is not always romantic. It is beyond society and conditioning. Love takes the form of insecurity, jealousy and might even turn destructive. And at this point, love wants to be selfless, yet hangs from a single thread of attachment that refuses to let go.

There are so many times we meet someone, and it is clear that on some level, we belong together, but at the same time, we are just not meant to be. Love is complicated, leading us to believe one thing when, in fact, it is the other. That is why most of us give up on the idea of love, itself. It seems to be easier to avoid it altogether, or that is what we portray.

The truth is, we know that there are people we simply cannot be with because they are not right for us. We realise that maybe they do not live the same life as we do, or maybe they want different things from life. In any case, that is the love that hurts the most because we are powerless to lose the person.

So, we let go and move on, to find someone who is right. It will be the right time, the right place, the right moment. Until then, let us cherish those who could not stay but reside in our hearts forever.

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Rukmini Chariar

Rukmini Chariar - A literature freak with a singing prowess. Emotional with a pinch of darkness in her nature. A tiny girl with not so tiny dreams.