It Is Not Easy, You Know

It Is Not Easy, You Know

To feel everything
To be sensitive
To have these emotions
The emotions that twist your guts.

It is not easy, you know
To not be understood
To say you are ok when every part of your soul is being crushed
To try holding it all together when all you wanna do is fall
Fall and be done with it.
Fall and never get up again
Fall and never feel again

It is not easy, you know
To have a heart
To give your heart
To someone, to something
And then pretend it was nothing.
Because you want me to fit into this cruel standard of your ideal world,
Where the smile is an indicator of happiness
And moving on is a sign of courage.

May be I don’t want to do this,
May be I don’t want any part of that ideal world.

Because I
I cannot take any more of living up to your standards.

Because it’s not easy you know
But then,
who said it will be.

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