Interpreting Philosophy and Individualism

Interpreting Philosophy and Individualism

Interpreting Philosophy and Individualism has been edited by Ashna Kanuga.

When we think of the word philosophy, we tend to think about the secrets of life, the psychology of humans and probably even go to the extent of thinking about black holes. We believe that philosophy is a very heavy subject that our mind cannot interpret easily. We believe it is for “serious” people, who are always immersed in deep thoughts, who want to know the secrets of life. A boring subject for boring people. But have we ever realized that whatever we interpret in our lives, the principles we live by, are due to our philosophy?

Philosophy is nothing but an interpretation of our lives. It is an interpretation of the spirit of humans. It gives meaning to the existence of human life. Today our ego, self-confidence or our attitude towards life is what it is due to the way we have learned to interpret things. However, we treat our philosophies like we treat constants in a physics equation—foreign, irrational and difficult to understand.

We ignore the fact that our philosophies affect our decisions. We think the thoughts we have are those which everyone has every day. But I wish to bring to your notice that those normal thoughts are, in fact, philosophy. If I explain it in another way, then your individual perception of anything that serves your purpose is philosophy. A painter who makes his masterpiece from the point of view of his creation is his philosophy.  A writer who writes his best article, or a novel is from his perception, and perception is nothing but his philosophies. Philosophy is like a shadow. It follows us until the last breath of our lives.

However, we do not live on our own philosophies these days. We live, sadly, on collective thoughts. We live and believe in collective work. Somewhere down the line, we have lost the essence of individuality. And philosophy rejects any forms of collectivism. Why do we always have second thoughts about our decisions? Why is individuality so rare these days? It is only because we are afraid to portray it in front of anyone. We are scared of criticism.

If that is the reason, then I feel that the strength of philosophy is overshadowed by the prime movers of the outer world. Collectivism is like picking a bunch of flowers from the garden and leaving them to die. The do somehow survive, but they are just alive. There is a difference between living and surviving. No human was born on this earth to live and die a mediocre.

Philosophy is the part of our lives that stops us from being mediocre. From being ordinary. Nevertheless, we always ignore it and select the easier option. We become what the world wants us to. We suffocate, and our identity vanishes. The human spirit is the embodiment of idealism, and to be ideal is to live by your philosophies.

Philosophy is a beautiful thing. Let us not fear it, or leave it only for great personalities. It is something that one needs to adapt in their lives. Something that has nothing to do with other people. It is the key to living your life on your term.

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Vyom Desai

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