Instant Fleeting Love: Fashion of Today’s Generation

Instant Fleeting Love: Fashion of Today’s Generation

Instant Fleeting Love: Fashion of Today’s Generation has been edited by Nidhi Shah.

Eyes meet, hearts beat.
Few words exchanged, confessions made, doubts raised.
And in a few moments love finds another way.
Because that is how it has come to be.
Like the bird that flies from one to another tree.
It changes with the clap of hands, the tap of feet.
And what was meant to be forever,
Disappears like it was only a mirage.

That is how powerful an emotion like love has become. Temporary, unlike the classic love stories that we have read in books and seen in films. It is fleeting, unlike the love that Romeo had for Juliet, or rather which Orlando had for Rosalind. It is like fast fashion. You wear it like a new garment, only in its newest gloss. As soon as it starts to fade, you discard it.

Buy| Wear| Throw| Repeat.

It is Quick. Instant. Like two-minute noodles. It is like playing with the switch of a light, On | Off | On | Off. It is like our communication style –

Type| Send| Read| Reply| Delete| Block.

Like now or never. If not him or her, someone else. People say our generation is impatient. If not in any other aspect, it definitely is impatient when it comes to love and relationship.

There is no time to understand one another. In the midst of the robotic lives that we lead, there is no time to dive into the depths of each other’s likes and dislikes and fears and hopes. Or the song you listen to at 3:00 am. The way you like your coffee, with less sugar and more coffee or vice versa. About what you think in the shower, your favourite football club. The goals you had when you were 10 and how they have transformed over all those years. Your celebrity crush, the films that make you cry, the music that makes your body groove. Your favourite season, colour, food that makes your mouth water and the things that make you want to throw up.

There is no time to move from strangers to friends to best friends to lovers to life partners. It is now a direct jump from strangers to lovers, with no intention to tread the path that lies between these two stages. It seems like love is now a race. An instant fleeting love. How fast one moves from I Love You → Hug → Kiss → Sex. How quickly one satisfies his physical desires. Consequently how fast you move from the embrace of your loved one’s hug to his or her bed.

Meet| Strip| Fuck| Leave| Repeat.

It is your relationship status on your Facebook profile; if it is Single, how fast you change it to In a Relationship. It is the count you keep about the number of people you have been with One, Two, Three or Ten, Eleven, Twelve. Because if that is not the case, how boring your life has been.

It is the number of proposals you get and the number of times you propose someone. The number of roses you have received, the number of kisses on your lips, the value of the gifts exchanged. About the length of the phone calls, about the kiss emoticon and the hearts, sent on Whatsapp. It is the last message that you sent and your last seen. Whether you have enabled read receipts or shared your passwords or not. It is the number of pictures you post together on Instagram, about the number of times you comment ‘I love you’ with a kiss on each other’s pictures. It is whether you say yes the very first time he or she asks you because if not, be prepared to see them walking down the road holding someone else’s hand.

Amidst all of this instant fleeting love, the emotional part of it is lost somewhere.

The kind of love that flourishes along the path of moving from strangers to friends to best friends to lovers to life partners. Where you do not strip each other down instantly, but inch by inch, explore every part of each other’s bodies. The kind of love that grandpa had for grandma, where he used to write letters to her. The kind of love where ‘Give me some time’ did not mean ‘Find someone else.’ The love where you would want to wait your entire lifetime for the one. Where you do not rush things, but take it slowly and carefully as if sipping a cup of hot tea. The love that is not fleeting, but constant, not flowing like a river but solid like a rock.

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