India of My Dreams

India of My Dreams

India of My Dreams has been edited by Rushi Bhimani.

As we dawn on the 70th year of Independence, I can’t help but notice that while taking giant leaps forward, we have left a lot behind in the name of ‘dead weight’. Today, as we embark on the 69th Independence day, I am going to use the iconic words of  great man, ‘I have a dream.’

I dream of a country full of peace and harmony. A country where cross border shelling and internal unrest becomes a thing of the past.

A country where every citizen will be literate. Where a child would go to school not because of the free food, but to learn. He wouldn’t work at a tea stall or she wouldn’t be seen mopping floors but they would be where they’re supposed to be, learning.

My dreams witness a country free of violence, terrorism, hunger and suffering. A nation filled with compassion, serenity and happiness. I envision a land where the soldiers will be respected for their sacrifices and services. They wouldn’t have to wait for that day at Jantar Mantar or Ramleela Maidan to get their dues for their service to the nation.

India of my dreams is a place where our women wouldn’t feel threatened within the four walls of their own house. Stepping out of the house ‘after hours’ won’t be as scary as it is anymore. The society needs to respect and regard the intelligence of our women and must give them equal rights to study, work and develop.

I dream that every Indian will be happy and not have to fight for every morsel of food. Or to compete with lakhs of others just to land one job. Every type of work will be respected. No matter if you’re an IAS officer or serving pizza at a restaurant, you are thanked and your service appreciated. Highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene will be maintained in the India of my dreams. Doctors would be willing to let go of their private businesses and would want to serve and stay true to the cause of being healers. A country where there are enough beds to treat those in need.

It will be a country where people from all religions co-exist and where every citizen is proud to be an Indian. A country where there are 200 different religions, yet every citizen has an individual identity. A country where everyone has equal rights, be it a beggar or a businessman.

Our society is plagued by the evils of corruption, poverty, unemployment and lots of other social evils which hinder the overall growth of our country. I dream of a country where democracy will not be misused.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Be a part of the solution and not the problem. This is the mantra we need to inculcate in our day to day lives.

It is the need of the hour today that the youth take it upon themselves and create a brighter and aware nation. India is blessed with great human resources. There is no shortage of traditional trades and crafts. With a little encouragement these can flourish as cottage industries and give employment to many.

I could go on but words wouldn’t do it justice. However, all I could say is that whenever you feel like going on a rant about how bad the state of our nation is, just ask yourself, ‘What are you doing to change it?’

Jai Hind.

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Sanchit Verma

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