In Your Company

In Your Company

In your company,
She beholds the golden glistening sunset
above the alpine mountains, bewildering her every time
witnessing the marriage of the endless horizon
and the rays about to submerge in its arms.

In your company,
She is a liberated soul
galloping amidst the thicket,
with the playful and gleaming earthly creatures wandering around.

In your company,
where judgement holds no place
between the untold lines;
In those unpretentious conversations and chats
Never did she have to wear a mask,
To fake, to pretend, to be alert
It was all her, and it was all you.

In your company,
She saunters along the Avenue
as the crisp breeze of autumn
play with her braid hanging loosely
tracing her soft giggles,
and the glint in the wide eyes.

But, she is anxious,
Anxious to lose you, your company.
Waking up one day and finding
Herself isolated in the woods and the avenue
as creatures and breeze abandon her.
She is terrified of your glimpse fading away.
“Always and Forever” she despised.

Her fear groped her.
But within the warmth of “Friendship”
She beamed brighter
Not always it had to be “Relationship,” she thought
And in “Forever” the belief regained
In your company.


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