In the basement of my mind (The End)

In the basement of my mind (The End)

(Verse – 3)

when you open your eyes, the rainbow resizes with the dust
you think you made it, but God sent everyone with a lust
to strive and survive, in a journey known as life
guns are loaded but no one told me about the knife
I loved you, I liked her, we dumped us, they spite her
who’s the sinner, Satan?then why the long face in spite of
your words, our mouths, your deceit, our pain
hell, we are victimized, cause it’s your blood and our stain
ages old tirade to the unknown entity-Bam!there’s a rap
but if the same is said to you, damn, he’s a heartless sap
do the good deed when God sets the angle to perfection
don’t be scared, act sacred, the sins will begin to wane in reflection
the era demands we talk it out and solve it like we used to
start with lifting your head from the technology, love one, choose two
one syllable with the elderly, a cup of tea with a worker
the darkness won’t wipe itself, just like a baby and it’s diaper
tensions flaring like flu and symptoms sit and enjoy the show
hands over your head, touched knees to elbow?(Em?)
so if you can’t take it anymore, don’t entertain depopulation
plug in, loop out and let your ears feel their own revelation


Music to your ears, when you feel the anger
music to your ears, when you feel the joy
music to your ears, when you feed your hunger
music to your ears, when you sink in your own ploy


A mind is a basement man!
the place is filthy and it needs replacements…tell the heart to destroy the tears and the hands to stop choking happiness.Wake up!
You awake!!

Where am I?