In The Basement Of My Mind (part-2)

In The Basement Of My Mind (part-2)


The light went off, and the darkness just crept in through the walls

I tried to escape the event, but eventually, I crapped in through the overalls

some heavy shit is what rock metal promised me when I was down

turns out Marshall was spitting gold where the lyrics surfaced up from underground

it’s me, here, waiting for my phantasmagoric paradise

but the thoughts keep creeping in, even lies have been categorized

Cause when you watch everything falling down and you’re in the middle

you just wish you were the answer to life’s greatest known riddle

a definition we like to describe it by feelings

the thing we’re supposed to abide by and hope it absolves you from killings

you’ve sinned, son cause you demanded justice from the devil

and when he crossed your heart, you stabbed him back with an anvil

I know there is guilt and I know there is repentance

the latter I deserved it, the former was an inheritance

the taste of those tears when they free falled from my eyes

they termed it the “crying game” so I scripted their demise

my humour got married with the wicked and they danced

the bells of innocence kissed but they called it a seance

and when the spirit came down and casted an earthly spell

my words found the meaning but verbatim ended in hell…



Music to your ears, when you feel the anger
music to your ears, when you feel the joy
music to your ears, when you feed your hunger
music to your ears, when you sink in your own ploy