In the basement of my mind (part-1)

In the basement of my mind (part-1)

I am in the basement of my mind, where things are a little too scary, a little shaky, dusty and grainy

Never mind the demons lurking in the corners, they are only scared, scared of my thoughts and what they are capable of,

As this is how everything starts, a thought, a suspicion, only a ‘what if’; and so it begins,

The slow process of decaying the goodness that I cherish, seems too fragile now, melting away like snowflakes under this burning sun,

My heart tries to reign in the thoughts and bring it to the light where it shines,

Every memory be that of sadness or joy, begs and fights the darkness that spreads,

Spreads like a disease that lost its viciousness to my mind and slips away in my broken veins,

Coursing through this damaged soul, finding its way to the bitterness that my heart holds,

Brings back the memories of forgotten times that plays like a sick tune stuck in my head,

Only to show me how broken I am and why my life should go in vain.

Another nameless soul was born and wasted in this graveyard of a life,

No tombstone for this soul or any last rites as only life that it had was one of a strife,

No one to carry the torch forward as there is none to light,

Only the memories float away in this vast nothingness trying to find a home that is bright,

I am in the basement of my mind and watch the subliminal thoughts die and wither away,

As it is time I give up and give in to these thoughts, close my eyes and float away.