In Sync With Physics

In Sync With Physics

In Sync With Physics has been edited by Suraj Zala

I have always wondered about the meaning of my existence. I have always believed that we need to strive towards finding the reasons of the things that happens with us. There were times when I suffered because I could not find the desired answers to my questions. However, in my journey of reasoning myself and countering those reasons with more reasons, physics happened to me. In the beginning, I was not quite able to understand the realm and concepts of physics. It seemed like a blurred childhood memory. Then there were days when I enjoyed studying certain topics of particle and quantum physics. So I asked myself: why is it that I am able to understand only certain theories of life?

It took me some time to figure why some topics really interested me. I realised I could enjoy the topics which I could somehow relate to human life. That is when I figured out that physics is a branch of science which helps you find the reasons behind human life. It can solve the mysteries out there that exist in direct context to the humans.

This led me to a theory for understanding our entire life, derived from basic high school physics.

For instance, consider your life as a source of energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. Your life can just be converted from one form to another. Think about the phases of your life. From childhood to teenage to midlife to old age. We constantly work through all of these phases, using our energy for some purpose that serves us. That purpose could be working hard, using your energy, to buy yourself an iPhone or to travel the world. We make sure that the energy we utilise gives us a beneficial output.

This does not end here. In the process of using our energy, part of it gets wasted, and we do not get hundred percent efficiency. We never get the same output of the energy we have utilised. The question here is, where does a part of it go? This energy goes in overcoming our problems. These problems and their solutions are the boundary conditions that helps in making an ideal theory a realistic one.

One could ask, though, how does one know these boundary conditions and solutions to it? Physicists in this case always try to find the nature of the problem to apply the appropriate condition and find a solution to it. They define variables for every quantity in the problem, form proper equations, and solve them. Human life is in sync with this methodology. In the theory of life, to solve any problem we need to know its nature. Once we have identified it, we find define the variables in the form of entities of our emotions. We question each entity with reasons which form the combination just like equations. We solve these equations, asking what and how, to find the unique solution of our boundary condition.

Our emotions are no different than variables. They are both vulnerable and play with the human mind. We use the energy we waste here to find the solution. It is up to us to be good enough at the maths of seeing ourselves so as to be able to find the solutions of our theory.

In conclusion, I will say this: The way we pursue our lives is a matter of perception. The fresher the perspective we have, the more capacity we have to absorb things. We wake up with new agendas every morning. It is like having new derivation for the equation we try to solve, for the term called life. Our failures are the theories which failed and told us to make a fresh new start. So take a pause, allow your life to adapt to normal operating conditions, and switch on the mechanism of happiness in you. Humans are born not to die but to live, to live to solve the mysteries of our lives.

Try giving the physics way a shot. (Until I come up with a new theory.)

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