Immigration Law Fiasco by Donald J. Trump

Immigration Law Fiasco by Donald J. Trump

Until January 2017, the United States of America seemed to be a major beneficiary of what’s known as the “Brain Drain” from other countries. People immigrated to the USA hoping for a better future, often illegally, which was possible in many ways, be it better incubation centres for starting a venture, better living conditions, or better medical services. But then came the toupee-topped wrecking ball named Donald Trump, and proceeded to remove these illegal occupants from the United States of America.

It’s been something like a TV show since then, which isn’t exactly surprising, given that it’s Trump we’re talking about.

Illegal immigrants “stealing” the jobs from the residents and living in the United States. This statement has been the primary focus of the 45th US President’s election campaign and is speculated to be one of the reasons why he was elected to be POTUS.

Trump’s executive order bars citizens of six (formerly seven) Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days and suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 days. Considering most countries’ stances on immigration and refugee admittance here, Trump’s move seems wonderfully similar to what we’d see here from Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal.

Several tech firms have been lobbying against the move, trying to reduce the pressure on their several high-ranking employees, which has caused a massive rift growing between Trump’s government and them. Word’s also gone around that Google and Microsoft had to send a message to any employees on visits overseas, to come back as soon as possible!

But back to the point. Illegal residents. These people, addressed under the umbrella term “immigrants”, are “stealing” jobs.

This is not exactly an insane thought to have. It pisses me off, though, that not once did he consider that “immigrants” are getting these jobs because they are well-suited for the same. It could be, Mr Trump, that your “fellow” citizens are more concerned about Kylie’s lip kit and the Kardashians’ lives or protesting against gun control acts etc. They are taking jobs away because they value it more than your fellow legal occupants.

Yes, on a large scale, illegal immigration does pose a problem, one that is not exclusive to the US. India faces a similar dilemma – to keep desperate illegal Hindu immigrants from Pakistan or not. While it may begrudgingly be granted that many terrorist attacks, 9/11 inclusive, did have immigrants involved, the fact of the matter remains that one cannot simply cast out a religion or a nationality for the deeds of a few. Because let’s be honest, every religion has extremists. But mere faith does not an extremist make.

Honestly, I’d love it if I could finish off here. It would’ve been just fine if that was the end. But, unfortunately, it’s not.

One of the many things Trump has said is this,

“We must stop illegal immigration; it hurts us economically.”

Well, is he not aware of the technological advancements that came about thanks to immigrants? Jerry Yang, Vinod Dham (Father of Pentium), Andy Grove (co-founder of Intel Corporation) are only a few amongst many who contributed to industrial progress as a whole, let alone the mere economy.

The most prominent of names in technological innovation have come from people whom Trump would likely wish to oust.

Steve Jobs customized personal computers by leaps and bounds. The birth of email wouldn’t have been possible without Sabeer Bhatia. Observational comedy would be overlooked without Russell Peters. Space exploration on a budget worth peanuts wouldn’t have been possible if SpaceX didn’t exist. Another silly accusation, another sensible retort. It could go on forever.

But I’d rather ask this.

How, Mr Trump, do you plan to save your fellow Americans from the people you deem “un-American”? You can’t alienate everyone for one. That in my eyes makes you look a lot like Hitler! How do you plan to “Make America Great Again” if you alienate anyone who isn’t white? How can you make America great again with your discriminated view of the American population? These Hispanic and Spanish people you talk about also voted for you and so did the “Muslims” that you banned.

Right now, all the eyes in the world are on the USA, and whether you paint blues of peace or crimson red of chaos on your decisions. So, Mister Donald Trump, here’s another titbit of some friendly advice from us. You just might be the most powerful man in the free world. It would do you well to remember, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

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