The Missing Girl

The Missing Girl

Someday the city lights will dim on you and reality will dawn upon you through the cracks of your survival

That day you would think of her the way you did the first time your eyes met hers,

You would toss and turn through sleepless nights the same way that you did before.

Looking for ways to win her over, again.

However, sweet love, while you were busy trying to shine as bright as the light till the bulb finally shut down on you-

The society began looking for a missing girl-

Dungeons and traffic lights, nothing was spared.

They went to mountains and to meadows in fear that she might have eloped with that lover of hers.

Family cried and turned a blind eye to the questions shot upon them,

Friends were worried sick.

Her lovers desperately wished she would contact them first.

And sitting across a lake, staring at the swans in a deep embrace- was a girl

She looked just like the one you regretted leaving and matched the missing girl’s profile.

Oh no, she wasn’t depressed about losing it all

Rather she had just begun a search party looking for herself.

But what was she aiming to be?

Being perfect so she would never be disappointed again?

But then what about the ones getting better and stronger?

Is sky really the limit?

We were taught that the sky is blue during the day and turns into soothing black at night, so we coloured it so without looking at it during sunrise or sunset.

Blindly followed what the general consensus was regarding “normality”.

The sky fails to be itself by bringing in shades of blooming flowers at dusk and at dawn of roaring volcano

So if the nature isn’t stereotyping itself then who are we to look for perfection?

Move on, if you think you found perfection or are being perfect. That’s monotonous.

And no, this isn’t the talk of the ones with impulse speaking who get bored with daily routine.

Its about adding a ‘comma’ rather than a ‘semicolon’ or a ‘full-stop’.

Be content. Not satisfied. Be yourself. Not perfect.

Because you might just find something better than unique.