One touch two,
Two touch three
Three touch four
But don’t touch me
Not today, not Tonight.
Turn on the radio, turn off the lights.
Come close; closer still.
Your cologne still the same, as it was a few years before.

Your heart beats echo mine;
Sending shivers down my spine.
Darkness around, your eyes still shine.
Fingers touch, lovingly entwine.

Slow down, breathe slow.
Soft skin touches, let it go.


One touch two
Two touch three
Three touch four
Don’t touch me

I smile, I leave and whisper goodnight.
A void, an abyss I left behind.

A hiatus difficult to decipher,
A musing difficult to fathom.

But not today, not tonight.
Turn off the music, let it be quiet.

Silence breathes as I walk away.
Silence soothes as moments replay.


Wake up, dawn’s knocking.
It’s a hiatus; just a pause.
As the darkness creeps in, it’ll unpause.

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