Hey woman, how ya feelin’?

Hey woman, how ya feelin’?

Hey woman, how ya feeling?

A sudden voice invaded its presence.

Astonished the lady be

Found an exact replica

In front of her eyes.

The mirror choked

And asked again.

The lady looked around

To ensure if no one was there,

If the place was blessed with solitude.

She hesitated at first but then ranted,

"I feel like a rotten ass

Every single time I read newspaper

Flooded with human calamities molestation and rapes.

I feel so helpless and I can't do shit about it

Why such jerks are even alive!

They should be fucked and strangled to death for assaulting the mere innocence" she wept.

"HUSH" the mirror said

You're a woman

You can't shout like that

Remember you're living in a society.

You're a woman

Stop using such nasty words

Mind the gender you belong to.

'Varna pata hai na log kya kahenge'.

You're a woman

You aren't supposed to express what you feel

You're only libertine to cry.

You're a woman

The society looks upon you

Handle things maturely

Stay composed

That’s how a woman should be.

"oh oh I'm a bloody ..oh sorryyy

I'm a woman.

That lady stared herself in the mirror.

Wiped the spread kohl off her face,

And tried to adorn her face with a smile.


P.s. Asking anyone how they're feeling? Well, good kind question but wrong gender.