Y’know there are some human relationships, where there’s an unsaid understanding and the vibes just match. These connections live and breathe beyond the traditional periphery of ‘friendship’ without treading into the territory of ‘romance.’ You’re incredibly fond of each other, adore each other to the fullest, all without being romantically drawn to the person.

When in a conversation, you both start breathing at the same pace and exchange philosophies from broken experiences in a half-learnt vocabulary that you recently googled. A stage where enlightening, caring and comforting presence of that very person around you becomes more paramount than thinking about the future you’re otherwise paranoid about. You feel at home when you’re around them. And the best part about it is that these connections grow organically. They don’t demand a conscious nurturing effort. And every time you talk to them, meet them, or are even in their presence, it kinda feels like a smooth wave that gushes past your feet and soothes every nuance of your soul. Soul mate? Yeah, that could be the word.

But lets not label it, or name it just yet. The most beautiful things take shape when you uncuff the labels off them. Labels serve no purpose other than that of validation, and only weigh us down.

But as soon as you get into this space, overcoming fear, and the insecurity….when you very well know all the cons of that person, when you have seen the ugly flesh under their skin and still choose to see spark of the soul that lies beyond the darkness, then, and only then, will it occur to you that this, whatever is is, … it isn’t worth labeling!

(Something I wanted to write about since long long time)