Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

No relation in this world is forever. The worst part is when someone says that they will be by your side forever, but that forever is temporary. Everyone’s life is a rollercoaster. So is mine, and currently, I am riding through the dark phase. Phase full of emotions for someone who doesn’t give a damn.

I had an argument with my best friend two weeks ago and this silence seems to be forever. But this time I have a different perspective. I think it has a positive reason. Maybe I have learned myself-worth. May be I am now ready to accept the fact that people come and go. the ones who come to stay forever will stay no matter what the situation is. The others who leave were may be just a source of learning.

This phase taught me something very important. Even if your mind is playing tricks on you remember you are important. You matter. Your presence makes a difference whether you see it or not.

People must change. Either because their minds are now open or because their heart is broken. And this heart break will help me change for better.

But this journey of getting better is full of nostalgic moments, and I realised that these give me a mixed feeling. One is of happiness that we have such wonderful memories from fighting with each other to fight for each other. And the other is regretting my inability to choose correct people. But the fact that someone people are meant to stay in your heart and not in your life kicks all those feelings of hatred that start developing for her and end up increasing my want to end this awkward silence.

Ending this this silence by accepting what they think of you though it isnt correct is not what always needs to be done. Sometimes all you need to do is leave an unsent note. A note to her in you own heart.
Dear old friend,
I know that we are not talking anymore, but know that when your “new” friends
“Who dont let you down” are not around anymore, I’ll still be there for you.