Words and Voices: Happiness

Words and Voices: Happiness


By Azaan Khan

Happiness knocked on my door,
She woke me up, I slept no more,
Was swimming in my dreams,
In an ocean with fear, flowing through streams,
But then she came,
Happiness brought me to shore.
I let her in, inside my soul,
She tickled and poked me,
Made me happy, now I want more,
Everything was right till one evening,
When she said, I must go…

I must go she said,
On the phone herself,
That’s all that I know,
I’m hanging,
Literally hanging on a thread,
It might be strength, courage, faith,
Or all of the above,
I call it love.

I won’t ask her to stay,
I won’t ask her to go,
I’ll wait,
Wait for happiness to come again,
And knock on my door…