Guest’s Entry : I Wonder

Guest’s Entry : I Wonder

I Wonder

by Shivam Mishra

I was in a bright mood,
Was about to meet my friends for good.
Long time it had been,
Since last have I seen,
Those colorful smiling,
sometimes laughing faces
which are brighter than the sun,
I wonder how long will they run?

Seated in the dusty bus seat,
plugging in the Akon feat,
Ignoring a strange face beside,
which was not at all trying to hide,
wearing a smile which could leave anyone enchanted,
but eyes somehow mysteriously slanted,
I got afraid,
I wonder when this reaction of the world to them will fade.

In front of us sat a lovely couple,
holding each others’ hands forgetting all the trouble.
The boy tried burying himself under her face,
he would have been a champion if love was a race.
More than them, onlookers were interested in their relationship,
I wonder why their hands were as if holding a piston grip.

Meanwhile, the face beside was in no mood to spare,
Smiled dangerously again as if it was a dare.
With gestures she asked what I was listening,
Confusingly I said a song which Akon was singing.
She pressed my hand and asked about Hindi song,
In madness, I refused having them without thinking right and wrong.
She did not give up even an inch,
ordered she wanted to listen one now as if she was a part of lynch.
Ignoring my conditioned instincts, I took a deep breathe,
gave her my earphones which she received with exposed teeth.
I played a random song which she enjoyed as if,
as so called “normal people” do, while standing on a cliff.
The couple ahead started fighting over an unknown text,
I wonder which stop will come next.

With utmost difficulty, she told me to remind about her stop,
Two stops later, I answered while scanning her top.
Plugging the earbuds out, she looked fresh,
Would take her time to reach the door, I guess.
She kissed my cheeks in utter joy,
I sensed I became a man from a boy.
The couple in front was still fighting,
While my heart shone like Christmas lighting.
In my soul, flew a dove,
I wonder whose among us is true love.


Each year about 6,000 babies are born with Down Syndrome. It does not require a cure as such but for the people who desire it, unfortunately there isn’t any. We can do our small bit by not judging them to make their life better.