We have many glaciers in our life,
moving down to the slopes & valleys in grief.

It reaches down to the soul ethereal liquid,
& it is fed by the melt heart from under the snow.

Erosion by glaciers caused sheer weight of agony,
feelings get dragged along the sides of the valley.

The glacier breathes in winter & melts down in summer,
defrost feelings are scraping away in a bummer.

Fresh snow falls higher up the glacier keeps forming crown cliff,
and the depth of my glacial heart deposits a hundred feet deep.

As an out-turn, the glacier warms & begins to melt downwards,
it’s whole surface drops with some scorch patches on my heart.

Now the wind scouring will ablation the glacier life,
I’m all dissipated now, there is no fortuity of new “vibe”!

In the end leaving only scars & debris on the underlying bedrock,
and my cadaver is lying down under the wet glacier sod crock

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