Words and Voices: Facing Vulnerabilities

Words and Voices: Facing Vulnerabilities

By Advaita Karnik 

If you ask me to conduct this evening or talk about my work, I know I can charm everyone and be the most confident person in the room. But asking me to be vulnerable and open up to people and give them a peek inside what I really am, makes me nervous. It makes me question myself because if you know me, people around me sometimes believe in me more than I do and I guess I just didn’t want that faith to tarnish.

I write often but just for my own self. It generally comes out when I’m greatly overwhelmed with situations around me. I guess it’s not me but it’s everyone else here too.

Don’t you ever feel that if you’re you in front of people they won’t like you so you just continue being someone else instead? It’s a web of lies you cannot claw your way out of. It’s almost as if the image you portray is the person you’d like to be, but what if that isn’t good enough? Will you not be liked anymore? Will you be alone? But wait, does that really matter?

It shouldn’t. But that’s not how it works, is it? We at all times and again, need people to feed us with compliments, boost our egos and comply to our thoughts. That is what keeps us going, but this just goes to show how little we believe in ourselves.

Have we gotten so carried away by a world of social media image crafting that we not only seek approvals in the form of likes online but even in real life? Are we trying to be a filter clad version of ourselves in reality too?

I think it’s high time we get our self-confidence back. Our lives are too short to be whiled away worrying about whether or not a person you went to school with thinks you look good in that pretentiously candid picture you uploaded rather than focusing on things that might actually make us a better person. Every once in a while try something new, step out of that tiny little shell you call your comfort zone and learn to embrace yourself.