Everyday I try to correct people, try to tell everyone that they’re beautiful and give a shoutout to those who are bullies,racist, sexists and all of that, but today this post is not going to be about how Everyday, I frown upon the fault in others but how I deal with mine.

Everyday ,I wake up.I see people.People who I think are too fat to wear that top or too ugly to have so many followers on Instagram or people who I think are not good because they reveal too much of their skin. But then I realise that these thoughts are only there to soothe my jealously or to make me feel better of my existence and maybe because of the society i grew up in and the way I am trying to be a ‘part’ of it without arguing or posing my own opinions about what i feel is right or wrong due to the fear of exclusion. So I try to take a grip on myself and change the way I am because better late than never and  see how nice their smile is, how their eyes twinkle when they are happy or how beautiful they are and how they are trying so hard to impress the society, just like me.

Everyday, I think about when I tell my friends and family to be better , to not judge others on their appearance and tell myself the same. So I try implementing the same in real life with a belief that there will be one day when I won’t judge people but instead cherish them.

Everyday I learn about more people, I see their faults and think how brave they are to not hide them , how everyday they wake up and face the world with them and how they fight a war within themselves and the world simultaneously. I try to do the same with mine, I replace all the negativity with positive thoughts, happiness, kindness and try to carry all of them with a big heart.

Everyday I try to be a better person than yesterday.


Aryaki Joon

Just a 16 year old eternally stuck between having a healthy lifestyle and pizza.