Reader’s Entry: Epoch of Melancholy

Reader’s Entry: Epoch of Melancholy

Epoch of Melancholy

By Pranjal Sharma

Heavy breaths,
stifled sighs.

Heart in bounds of agony,
rotting with trickling jealousy.

Intricate web of memories,
fueling my rage for cruelties.

Rancor driven of animosity,
crushing me against my solidarity.

Echoes of my laughter,
commencing the ecstasy of euphoria.

Exhilarated by my emotion,
annihilated by my situation,

Ephemeral moments,
stripping me off to melancholy.

Thundering thoughts, uncontrolled tremors;
world swirling in tearful blurs.

Heart wrenching, pain insinuating;
trauma squeezing the soul eternally.

Feeble at heart,
vulnerable at sight.

Destroyed by my Euphoria,
Reprimanded by my melancholy.