Lutalica’s 10 Most Loved Posts From 2016

Lutalica’s 10 Most Loved Posts From 2016

‘Lutalica’s 10 Most Loved Posts From 2016’ has been edited by Aashna Kanuga.

1) Love, with all its Glory and Quirks –

Love, with all its quirks lutalica Love might forget your birthday, might live in a different city or time zone. It might not text you all the time, there might be days you do not talk to each other for more that fifteen minutes. But those fifteen minutes would matter more, than that half-hearted hour long conversation with a hundred others. Love will not write love poems for you, but love will make you an android app. Patience would not be love’s best trait but it will fight hard to hold on every single time. Love will make you cry, it will hurt you in ways no one else can. But it will forgive when you are wrong.

2) An Open Letter by a Grammar Nazi –

Grammar Nazi LutalicaIt hurts the tenses when you write “I did not went there”. It is not went, it is go. I had to pick up the ‘past tense’ and cajole it when the poor thing was crying in a corner. “Life is difficult, but don’t give up.” You know how advice and advise confuses you? Get it straight now: You advised him to join the gym, and it was your advice to her to remain calm.

3) I am Confused, and Proud of it –

Confused LutalicaThe day I stop being confused, is the day I would have given up. The day I stop being confused, is the day my complacency will take over my curiosity. The curiosity I have to venture out, to explore other arenas to make this world a better place. The day I stop being confused, is the day I surrender in my battle against the myth called perfection. Consequently, what will remain of me is an armchair philosopher, at best. The day I am no longer confused, is the day I let routine kick in. The routine that will take over, and chain me from doing what I’m actually here for.

4) The Feminist Side of Things –

Feminist Side of Things I LutalicaUnfortunately, today all men are being projected as a certain stereotype, and the word sexism has become synchronous with feminism. There are many reasons for this striking rise of feminist-haters. As a feminist, I would like to bust some of the myths.

5) The Invisible Wall –

The Invisible Wall LutalicaThat is when I started building a wall around me. Yes, the invisible one which almost every single person has, at least once in their life. How’d I construct it? The same way all of us do, with those bricks that are thrown our way when we start to express a little more, when we try to expect more than we should. Scar by scar, brick by brick.

6) Sex as a Coping Mechanism –

Sex as a coping mechanism LutalicaThey find all their answers in sex; an easy, quick and rather instantaneous outlet. Momentarily…just momentarily things blur out. Their ex’s favourite song isn’t playing that loudly in their head anymore. The buzz from those innumerable drinks helps a little more.

7) What is it Like Being You?

What is it like being you? - LutalicaWhat is it like being you? What is it like to feel your soul for once, by forgetting all the problems that you have in your life? We feel that we have entered into a world where dreams come true and God might even exist.

8) ‘Her’ Brother

Her Brother II Lutalica – I am her brother. She could be anyone, insert any name you wish. Yes, the one you talk about in hushed voices; her brother whose rape case gave you a topic to discuss when all seemed boring.

9) The Decisions You Make and Unmake: Life of a Passive Person –

The Decisions You Make and Unmake: Life of a Passive Person | LutalicaWhen I was planning to leave engineering, the only factor that left me hesitant were the expectations of people other than me. What would my parents say? How will the world see me? Won’t I be seen as a loser in front of everyone? I want to question myself and people alike, that why do we become so compliant in regards to the societal expectation? I know, they are not going to provide me any sort of assurance, that I will get a good job, even if I complete engineering with exceptional grades and knowledge.

10) Privy Poet’ Society: The Incessant Soul –

Privy Poet' Society LutalicaMy soul the night sky,
Dark, endless, calming and beautiful.

My thoughts the stars.
Twinkling to show its beauty and power.
The stars fill the sky.

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