Happy Feed #7

Happy Feed #7

Happy Feed #7 is a list specially made with love and care to help you fight those Monday blues!

1. The Current War

The Current War, a story of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse’s race to bring electricity to the world is hitting theatres on November 24. Oh, did we mention Benedict Cumberbatch is staring in it? We are very, very happy about it.

2. Best Pets Of The Week

Any chance your pet can make it to this video?

3. Homosexuality Is Sin? Or In?

We needed a laugh this morning too.

4. AIB: A Woman’s Besties 2 – Losing Your Virginity

Every time you think AIB has reached its peak in mastering the art of combining satire and humour, they come out with a new video that becomes your new favourite.

5. If F.R.I.E.N.D.S Had A Group Chat?

Not lying, we read this in Joey’s voice.

6. The Man Who Invented Christmas

After a series of his book bombed, Charles Dickens decides to write and self publish A Christmas Carol!

7. Ice Cream Tacos!

Icekraft in Mumbai is serving ice cream tacos, that’s everything you didn’t know you needed at one place.

8. Peeves 2: Things That Annoy You

When windows automatically updates in the middle of a game? Yeah, we hate it too.

9. The Crush Song

This has to be the new anthem of the singles.

10. Antifa, Women & Doomsday

When it comes to Indian orators putting Britain back in its place, Shashi Tharoor is the undisputed leader of the pack. You can watch the entire discussion above (or just skip to shit getting shut down at 44:45).

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