Happy Feed #5

Happy Feed #5

Happy Feed is a weekly list put together by the Editorial Board showcasing positive content-based media. Anything that can inspire, attract or surprise makes it to the Happy Feed.

  1. Humans of New York: The Series

    For the last four years, creator Brandon Stanton has filmed 1200 interviews on the streets of New York which is now being made into a 12-part docuseries.  Humans of New York, the series, will premiere next week on Watch – Facebook’s new platform for shows.

  2. Jared Singer – Just Take a Shower

    Self care is hard as much as it is important. Jared in this video does not give you a to do list of things that can make you feel better. Instead, take a baby step, take a shower, just take a shower.

  3. Euphoria Is Back With A Brand New Album

    Euphoria’s Palash Sen on Friday released the news of an upcoming studio album next month. The country’s rock band will be producing a short film attached to each new song on the album.

  4. What If Michael Bay Made Waffles?

    We have all watched Facebook video food tutorials way more than we care to admit without actually cooking any of the recipes. Thankfully, food stylist and video maker David Ma imagines what directors like Michael Bay would bring to the medium in his #FoodFilms series. Quite an artistic take, a Bay food tutorial would be full of explosions, naturally, though, the waffles would not be made with CGI.

  5. AIB: GoT Salesman Cut 11

    As the season seven finale is out now, Game of Thrones has put us all on our feet. However, for the non watchers, AIB has outdone themselves in this video where GOT fans lose their shit when they find out that Rohan is a non-believer who won’t bend the knee. If your are like Rohan too and nothing else convinced you, this video will have you running towards your laptop and start watching it right now.

  6. Zlatan Is Back!

    Zlatan Ibrahimović has signed a new one year contract with Manchester United, it is time for the fans to rejoice.

  7. The Big Fat Fatty

    This 12-pound sandwich challenge called The Big Fat Fatty at Fat Sal’s Los Angeles is loaded with fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks. Only three people have eaten it all, think you can have this 27 inches of deliciousness?

  8. Millie Bobby Brown Reveals New Poster

    S02. October 27th.

    A post shared by Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobbybrown) on

    Netflix has recently released new trailer for Stranger Things, which is now accompanied by Millie Bobby Brown’s poster shared on her Instagram. Stranger Things returns for Season Two on October 27th, are you as excited as we are?

  9. #FollowMeTo China!

    Probably one of the most beautiful video in the history of #FollowMeTo project, it takes us to the scenic beauty of China. Questioning our existence and moments later comforting us, Nataly and Murad Osmann have done an outstanding job in a span of a minute.

  10. We All Have Powers

    We have always said this, small acts of kindness can bring immense happiness. And, that, is a power too.

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