Happy Feed #16

Happy Feed #16


Happy Feed #16 is a list specially made with love and care to help you fight those Monday blues!

Curated By: Nidhi Shah

1. How To Deal With Fat Shaming 101

Watch this poet’s perfect response to a guy she met on tinder.

2. Atul Khatri: 1st Year Anniversary Of Demonetisation

Atul Khatri takes us all back to the apparently Anti Black Money Day.

3. Rudy Francisco – Complainers

This isn’t your regular ‘people have it much worse’ poem. This is your reminder ‘you are never given anything you can’t handle’ poem.

4. Kygo – Stranger Things ft. One Republic

Stranger Things, Kygo and OneRepublic! Could it be better?

5. Acoustic Trench – Stranger Things

Here’s some more Stranger Things on a Cello!

6. Nike – Want It All

Want It All is about hustle, confidence and style at every level of the game.

7. One More Christmas

Hundreds of strangers are helping this boy with cancer celebrate one last Christmas

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9-year-old Jacob Thompson, battling terminal brain cancer, his final wish was to Christmas a bit early this year and the world showered its love onto him.

8. Ordinary People ft. Extra Ordinary Music

Random people come together to play musical instruments on London’s Bankside.

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