Happy Feed #10

Happy Feed #10

Happy Feed #10 is a list specially made with love and care to help you fight those Monday blues!

1. Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Starting from YouTube recommendations, Cigarettes After Sex has come a long way, to Pune, this December. Our excitement to see them live is getting over the roof as December approaches.

2. Isle Of Dogs

Wes Anderson is back with Isle of Dogs, the story of Atari Kobayashi, 12-year-old ward to corrupt Mayor Kobayashi. There, with the assistance of a pack of newly-found mongrel friends, he begins an epic journey that will decide the fate and future of the entire Prefecture

3. What’s The Highest You’ve Ever Been?

“Looked at myself in the mirror for 10 minutes so I could watch myself blink. I missed it every time. I was so pissed.”

That high.

4. Air Travel Is About To Get Kickass!

SpaceX plans on using its rockets for a next-gen shuttle service, flying between most major cities in the world in less than an hour. While it isn’t something you’ll do next summer vacation, it’s still exciting to think of, and we can’t wait for it to happen.

5. Manchester United Wins 4-0 Again!

The Reds go marching on!

6. Remember When DC Babies Played Spidey?

Tchoo Tchoo!

7. 10 Things I Hate About You

18 years later, 10 Things I Hate About You still sets our hearts a flutter.

8. Twitter Expands To 280 Characters

…sorry Ellen!



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