Differences…still same?

Differences…still same?

This statement has gained so much fame..

All humans are the same..

Every single being is a hidden gem..

But I want to find out from where It came..

Coz it sounds so lame..

In this world full of humans playing games..

Coz being rich is the only aim..

The differences have gotten too wild to be tamed..


The difference in us and them wearing torn jeans..

We wear it for fashion..

They have no other option..


The difference in high paid jobs is..

We leave them for a passion..

Coz clearly now it has become an obsession..

And we cant bear any compulsions..

While for them a high paid job is just a notion..


The difference between us and them is..

We leave our houses to get freedom..

For them getting a small roof is like a kingdom..


The humans are the same..

The differences are just lame..

Caused by just the name..

We named as rich and they as poor..