Deep Deep Well

Deep Deep Well

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Deep, deep well
Black, I sit alone looking above.
What else can I do?
Fetid water gurgling at my feet
Afraid I would dirty them
Dissolve them to bones and ash.

Deep, deep well
Black, as black hole.
Pulling me, and I went.
What else could I do?
Your scent is intoxicating.
Will I ever rise again?

Perhaps there is a desire to rise.
There is a hatred, a loath in my being.
Where am I? What am I doing?
However, it is comfortable here.
Withering skin and bone have pain
It’s sad, but I have learnt to numb them.

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Parth Bhatt

Parth Bhatt - Capricious | Samaritan | Anti-Photogenic | Selective Procrastinator | Occasional Psychic | Especially Gifted Napper | Spreading Smiles since ’96.