Dear Lost Best Friend, Where Did You Go?

Dear Lost Best Friend, Where Did You Go?

Everyone comes in our life to play their parts; some just come as lessons. My lost best friend came as a lesson, a lesson I can never forget. I am in my late teens and completely understand the pain of not being at good terms with someone you once called your “best friend”.

“A million feelings, A thousand thoughts, A hundred memories, One person.” – Anonymous

I remember the days when I used to look at those little gifts we exchanged, those framed photos, one direction fan art and wondered what was I supposed to do with them. You know, there will be days when you wouldn’t know how to wish her on her birthday or what to do with the framed pictures. You wouldn’t want to throw them away. You wouldn’t want to act as if everything was normal – because it wasn’t. Where in this selfish world did you get lost, best friend?

The smallest things will remind you of the memories of your 5-year-old friendship and that lost best friend. Something exciting or heartbreaking will happen and you would want to run to her, hug her and tell her everything, just to see how she reacts but then you realise your friendship isn’t like that anymore. Your heart will sink a little, and you will want to hug her so tight that all the broken pieces could be put back together.

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You will miss her more than you thought you could miss anyone. Memories of that lost best friend will hurt; trust me it hurts more than any breakup with a boy could have hurt. You will want to ask her where did you get lost, best friend?

At some point, the situation will force you to get back normal and start talking, though you will never be like you used to be earlier. At this point in time she will behave as if nothing has happened and people will come up to you and ask “who broke the ice”, when you yourself have no clue about what actually is going on, and this will make you feel that a little piece of her presence is better than no piece at all.

The worst part of losing a best friend is memories. Memories of that lost best friend. Whenever you get a flashback of a sweet moment that is just a stale memory now, all that you will experience is a strong ache in your heart.

No doubt, memories are a great getaway, the bad memories remind us the lessons our past taught us and the good ones remind us to cherish the time we have had. But remember not to make a house there.


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