Words And Voices: Altamount

Words And Voices: Altamount

Baby, you know what you’re to me?

You’re like that suspense novel.

It’s just something you can’t keep aside.

The more you read, the more chapters you want to unveil.

It’s killing you on the inside but keeps you wanting for more.

You are my mystery and I hope someday I’d be able to unveil you.

Your smile, your touch, your aura and how your these ephemeral assets of yours,

last an eternity.

Yes, eternity!

But then when eternity just turned to reality and made me realize about the real thing then it was a whole new story which was about to begin.

I overcame those veils to find the real you.

The rage and the hustle which was caged inside you.

You used to scream. For hours and nights.

To be heard. To be felt.

To be on the brighter side.

You laughed so hard that it couldn’t have been better.

Yes, that laugh.

Wasn’t that something different?

Wasn’t it something serious which that? Did laugh hold within?

Yes! That laugh cried!


Of the various, various demons that came through in that stride.

Your aura!

They say that your aura was something.

Something colossal.

Colossal as it held memories of the past!

Colossal as it helps the happenings of the unknown.

Who knew that the magnificent structure was made of false vows and empty faith.

Yet you moved. You moved and swayed away the rest.


I did unveil you.

May be not completely but to an extent that I experienced the reality!

~ the conversation with a Kashmiri Kid

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