Brightest of lights
blinked in the dark.

Her laugh still echoes,
fills my mind.
For fairy lights
Tenaciously twinkling
couldn’t quench
her craving for the stars.
For the society was too small
to fit in,  a soul like hers.
When they couldn’t drown her,
they didn’t let her fly.

Her face,
still a blur
Her eyes-
just mist .
Her thoughts-
Unlike her soul.

But that night in the blurriness of pain,
We sat and stared into the
seemingly boundless ‎sky.

I thought she’d wish on a shooting star,
But she wasn’t like them all.
She was the wild flower in a garden of roses,
The full moon in the lilac sky,
The lone wolf on the prowl.
For they said she wouldn’t fly,
But her eyes had dreams,
dreams that had wings.
Wings,mighty wings that took flight. ‎
Searching for aeons; wandering galaxies,
For the missing pieces of her puzzles,
Lost in her own infinity.
Her smile’s still a blur, ‎but,
Those eyes dazzle
Much brighter,
In the stifling dark.
It’s true,
Fairy lights couldn’t quench
her craving for stars.