Yet another Rape.

Yet another Rape.

Finally! Good news! Nirbhaya got justice. Just on the next page is a news of yet another rape reported. Another newspaper headline highlighting the black and white world we live in. 

Is it? Is it really something to be happy about?
Is it really a good news?

26 alphabets.
Infinite possibilities of their combination in words.
Ultra infinite possibilities of their combination in sentences.

Yet, there is not one alphabet
Not one sentence
You could fucking tell them that would make it clear to them to keep their sexuality inside their whore pants.
There is no combination that can perfectly fit in their head to not rape.

Mein akeli nahi hu,
Jaha se mein dekh rahi hu, kai ladkiyan dafnai ja chuki hai
Kai aur Nirbhaya abhi zinda mar Rahi hai
Kai aur lakhon ladkiyan hai jo Insaaf ki Katar mein khadi hai,
Aur aap 5 saal baad mile mujhe adhure insaaf ko achi khabar kehte hai?

Just because you have a penfuckingis and we have a hole you think might fit your insecurities, your unaided desires, your weakness. It’s okay?

Because if every empty space you think was yours to fit in with your shallowness.


Chikna, chillana
Mene bhi yahi Kiya tha.
Rally, candle marches
Mere jism me bhi unke khilaf morcha nikala tha.
Yahi toh bante hai balatkar ke bache.

The irony is her voice trembles.
The irony is she is looked down upon.

It happened to her, and still you say she let it happen to her.
The irony is the excuse they give –
Her legs showed skin.


Because now how she wishes it were made of iron.

Her neckline was too low. I could see her cleavage.


Because now how she wishes her cleavage be as shallow as your mentality.

Her hips swayed, she was walking. 


Because now how she wishes she had been walking over your dead bodies.

Aaj bhi rape newspaper headlines ka hissa hai,

 Meri moth ko tumne mere saath hi dafna diya. 

Aaj bhi agar mein chalti hu sadak par sitiya bajti hai, meri kamar, meri chaal, mere pairo par comments hoti hai

Meri moth ko tumne mere saath hi dafna diya. 

Na Jane mere Jane ke Baad kitni aur aisi Nirbhaya hui

Par aap achi khabar ke intazaar me the,

Ki shayad voh rok lengi inhe
Shayad fasi unhe dara, dhamka kar unka khada nahi hone degi.
Meri moth ko tumne mere saath hi dafna diya.

I am not here to shout and ask for rights or rules or revolution
Yeh daag ache nahi hai.
Because rapes are still too much into existence,
For any justice to be a good news.
Kyunki agar inka safaya pehle Kiya hota
Toh Insaaf ki aur ek ladayi nahi ladni padti
Was my fight against my body, against my soul, against them not enough?
That I am made to fight against law?
You tell your daughter’s to be careful. Be alert. To not unviel much.
Just because I have breats and vagina
Mein parde ke piche rahu?
Just because I have got hips and thighs
I should only walk at safe hours?
Kaunsa hai yeh ghanta jab mein bahar niklu aur salamat bhi rahu?
Kya itna kafi hai?
So that we don’t see a girl becoming yet another rape news
Yet another victim
Yet another flicker on the candle
Yet another rhyme.
Kya itna kafi hai?
To not only be safe but, feel safe.
Kya itna kafi hai?
Kya yeh sachme achi khabar hai?