Sanchit Agarwal

Words and Voices : Bad Jokes
Words and Voices : Bad Jokes

Gradually as the night progressed we indulged ourselves Turn by turn into more bad jokes And rated them On a scale of 1 to 10 Over the intensity of how much they sucked. "What did the police officer say to his tummy?" you asked "I've got you under a vest" you answered 7.5 on 10 "Why didn't Cinderella get selected in the football team" I asked "Because she ran away from the ball" I answered 8 on 10 "Why is the ocean blue?" you asked "Because all the fishes go Blu, Blu, Blu" you answered 8.5 on 10 "Why would someone like you ever want to go out with someone like me?" I asked "Why not?" You answered Perfect 10....